Following the public outcry by Nigerians for the Presidential Candidates of the various Political Parties to present themselves for debates, interviews and Townhall Meetings,

Atiku Abubakar of the PDP at first attended the AREWA Joint Committee Townhall Meeting in Kaduna where he told the good people of Nigeria from the Northern region how he’s going to do things differently to make Nigeria great once again.
Tinubu attended same meeting and what we got was a Townhall is different from a Bala Blu.

Then again Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa the Vice Presidential Candidate of the PDP represented Atiku Abubakar who was in the United States to solicit the support of Nigerians in diaspora and foreign investors for the recovery of the Nigeria’s Economy, at a Townhall organised by Arise TV where he schooled other Candidates present and gave Nigerians the detail explanation of Atiku’s plan to #RecoverNigeria and was crowned the StarBoy of that event.
Atiku Abubakar upon his return to Nigeria attended the 3rd edition of the ARISE TV Presidential Townhall, where he eventually made it known to all Nigerians that he is millions of miles ahead of all other contestants in terms of experience, preparedness and what he has to offer to build the Nigeria of our dreams, while those who still plays kindergarten politics who were present at the Townhall copied him but could not still present it as Atiku the owner of the ideas.

Before then Atiku Abubakar was at the CHATHAM HOUSE, where he took his time to tell the world his intentions to Unite Nigerians, rejig the Nigerian Security architecture and make it functional optimally, revive our Educational System, review our Economic Policies to attract investors into the country thereby creating jobs opportunities for Nigerians, and his plan to devolve powers to the States and Local government areas to expedite regional development.

Only for Tinubu to go to CHATHAM HOUSE in a bid to show that he can do as Atiku Abubakar did, but the story became different, now we hear stories of how a man who wants to become Nigeria’s President had to call on his supporters to answer questions thrown at him and it all ended in a big disgrace and embarrassment.

Tinubu’s embarrassing performance at CHATHAM HOUSE and all other events and the unprepared and inexperience nature of all other political parties¬†candidates has further confirm that Atiku Abubakar of the PDP is the LEADER NIGERIA NEED at the moment because he is the only one who has what it takes to recover Nigeria and lead her on the pathway to progress.

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