The Liberia Football Association (LFA) will on Monday make a decision on whether the 2019/20 Orange National League season will be completed or be nullified amidst coronavirus pandemic.

This follows after LFA climaxed meetings with clubs of various divisions to solicit their views and participation based on the impact of the decision.

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown football activities around the world into disarray, which led to the suspension of football activities.

According to LFA President Mustapha Raji, the football body is currently analyzing suggestions brought forth by clubs officials during recent meetings held at the headquarters of the association and is set to meet next week to determine the fate of the suspended league season through its executive committee.

During the meetings with clubs, LFA proposed the complete cancellation of the league season without promotion or relegation based on Force Majeure.

The recommendation, according to LFA, is to avoid “leaving stakeholders in limbo and unwarranted expenditures” as the actual end of the ongoing global pandemic is yet to be predicted.

The FA however recommended the promotion of the club with the highest point in the lower women’s division in order to have 10 women’s football clubs in upper women’s division.

“It is our fervent optionsand recommendations that the women’s lower league which was almost at its climax with at most six matches remaining, the club with the highest points according to the table, be promoted to the women’s upper division to have 10 clubs in the upper league, which shall be in confirmative with FIFA request to have at least 10 women’s football clubs in the higher division of member associations.”

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