Europe’s key football showcases, planned for May, have been postponed because of the COVID-19 crisis, UEFA says.

The finals for the Champions League, Europa League and Women’s Champions League will be put back to a new date.

It comes with domestic and international football on hold across the continent as countries battle to contain the spread of the virus.

UEFA say they will “analyse the options available” and that a working group is already looking at the calendar for a possible date.

The Champions League season was halted on 13 March with four second round matches still to be played, including Manchester City versus Real Madrid and Juventus against Lyon.

Meanwhile, the Europa League was also halted on the same day with 16 teams still in the competition.

Last week, UEFA decided to postpone the European Championships, originally planned for June and July, until 2021.

The move was intended to give priority to the conclusion of domestic competitions across the continent.

It remains unclear how Europe‚Äôs elite football leagues will be resolved, but UEFA said their decisions had been made in an “unprecedented solidarity move” to help get national leagues completed.

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